Vegan Journey Updates and 30 Day Raw Vegan Reset


My vegan journey has been going very well. I have had minimal “slip-ups”, simply because I have been eating primarily at home. My husband and I did enjoy Mellow Mushroom Pizza twice this week. I had the new gluten free/vegan pizza crust with red sauce base, green peppers, red peppers, carmelized onions, spinach, and black olives. The first time, I had the pizza with vegan daiya cheese. The second time, I had the same pizza without the vegan daiya cheese. I must say that I no longer enjoy daiya cheese (or any of the vegan cheeses) since I stopped purchasing it. I don’t enjoy the flavor or the creaminess of the cheese. And quite honestly, it is a highly processed food product that I do not want in my body. I have decided to forego vegan meat and cheese substitutes at this point in my vegan journey. The second time, the pizza was much more enjoyable without the daiya cheese. But in all honesty, I feel that I can prepare a much better pizza at home. I will not be having their pizza again. The next time my husband wants food from there, I will enjoy a veggie packed salad instead. However, it is always good to know that Mellow Mushroom  is vegan and gluten-free friendly when having to eat out in social situations.

For the past few days, I have been contemplating doing my own 30 day raw vegan reset challenge. I feel that I really need to cleanse my body and reset my taste buds. I also want to experience 30 days of clean-eating in its purest form. I feel that I am pretty knowledgeable about the raw food diet/lifestyle and I don’t need very much guidance. I also have a couple of raw food cook books at home if I want to go gourmet during these 30 days. Although, I will likely keep it very simple. I am still working on a daily meal plan to ensure that the 30 days is as smooth as possible. My meal plan will likely consist of a large smoothie in the morning of breakfast, fruit as a snack, large salad for dinner, and more fruit or cashew cream (my dairy-free yogurt alternate) as a snack. I will continue to only drink water during this time period. I don’t have a juicer, so I may purchase some fresh juices from either Whole Foods or a local company in my city. Once I complete my meal plan and grocery shopping for the first week, I will set the start date and make daily entries with my meal for the day and my progress.


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