Health, Happiness, and Radiance Meal Plan

The foods that we eat provide us with the energy that we need to make it through our busy lives. If we are not nourishing our bodies with nutritious, whole, plant-based foods then we are not experiencing the benefits and joys of a well-fueled body!

Having a diet that is strictly plant based will provide you with all of the vitamins, nutrients, protein and minerals that you need to thrive. Eliminating processed foods, animal products, and limiting common allergens (soy and gluten) and oils/fats will give you that boost of energy that you need to live a life of health, happiness, and radiance. A diet that is a combination of cooked plants foods (legumes, grains, seeds, green and root vegetables) and raw plant foods is optimum for nutrition. My meal plan below will provide you with a diet that is 70-80% raw and 20-30% cooked which is the optimum balance. Below you will find several breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options with links to my recipes.  Check out my recipes page for other yummy recipes, including desserts!


1. Green smoothie (with nuts for extra protein)

2. Fresh fruit with sprouted grain toast

3. Fresh fruit with quinoa porridge

4.  Fresh fruit breakfast bowl with nut milk 

5. Simple fruit and oat cookies 


1. Warm vegetable and legume stew with cornbread 

2. Large salad with fresh vegetables (add pomegranate seeds to have a crunch instead of croutons)

3. Baked potato topped with legumes

4. Falafel croquettes over a bed of super greens (kale, spinach, arugula, chard)

5. Collard greens with cornbread 

6. Legumes over a bed of super greens or in a collard/lettuce wrap 

7. Mixed veggie spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce, raw option also 


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